Momcorps – Flexible employment marketplace


Momcorps is a marketplace for flexible employment. It’s a solution to find and contact talents who have opted out of the traditional workplace. In Momcorps you can find staffing services, on line posting boards for events and conferences, expert services for candidates and corporate consulting.

Venture Slogan: Good for corporations. Goof for working moms.

Momcorps´s own description: “…An Industry-First Business Model for Flexible Employment. Mom Corps is the expert in the flexible employment market…”

“…Our mission is two-fold:We provide companies direct access to a previously untapped market segment of exceptional talent – professionals who have opted out of the traditional workplace. We enable professionals to work in their respective fields, while simultaneously meeting familial needs and responsibilities…”

“…We execute this mission through the following services: Staffing Services (Contingent, Project, Permanent); Online Job Posting Board Events and Conferences (Coffee Clubs, Own Your Life Annual Conference); Expert Services for Candidates (Expert Resumes, Expert Coaching, Expert Training) Corporate Consulting…”


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