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Mimbeo is a marketplace dedicated to contacting travelers with vacation rental offerings. It´s a site that gives you features and resources for planning your next vacation trip. With Mimbeo you can search for other reviews to select your perfect place. Mimbeo offers a solution for rental owners to advertise their place.

Venture Slogan: Pack your bags!

Mimbeo’s own description: “…Mimbeo is a vacation rental website dedicated to offering travelers an excellent, easy-to-use resource for planning their next vacation – while providing its rental owner/manager members a cost effective (free!) marketing resource. Mimbeo.com offers rental owners the same great service and value they receive from the pay-for-placement rental sites, minus all of the fees…”

“…Mimbeo is committed to providing a safe and trusted marketplace where travelers and vacation rental owners can connect with each other…”

“…People who travel extensively for business or leisure will often tell you that every hotel room starts to look the same after a few trips. Small and cramped with uninspired decor, hotel rooms are impersonal and uninteresting. When staying in a hotel room, you will often be lucky to have some sort of balcony, let alone a view. Meals must be eaten out at restaurants, adding to the cost of your vacation. For larger families, multiple hotel rooms are necessary for everyone to have even a modicum of personal space and privacy. Walls are paper thin, guaranteeing you will be able to hear the TV blaring at 1:00 a.m. in the adjacent room. You better be up and packed on your last day, because check-out time is at 11:00 a.m., with few exceptions. With all of these drawbacks, it’s a wonder hotel chains are able to stay in business. Instead of staying in a cookie cutter, boring hotel room on your next vacation, why not explore the possibilities of renting a vacation home near your favorite vacation destination?…”



Venture Link: mimbeo.com

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