Loomni – The knowleage Sharing Platform

the knowleage sharing platform

Loomni is a service that helps you learn from experts. With Loomni you are able to find courses at affordable prices. It´s a service that organizes a variety of courses for an easy search.

Venture Slogan: Keep Learning.

Loomni’s own description: “…Loomni is an innovative knowledge sharing platform enabling people to learn from experts, a big variety of attractive courses, at very affordable prices. Loomni continuously organizes a big variety of attractive in-venue, instructor-led courses. Users can easily browse through the courses, book appropriate number of seats for each course, or request courses they are interested in taking and that are not being yet organized…”

“…At Loomni we believe that learning is for everyone, and that it needs to fundamentally change to meet new job demands, accelerating technologic developments, and massive demographic changes. So, in order to meet our mission, we decided to re-design completely how people learn and create a new “marketing by teaching” economic model for experts to share their knowledge at very reduced prices…”

the knowleage sharing platform

Venture Link: loomni.com

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