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Listiti is a simple and interesting solution that alerts you when someone tweets from a Twitter list of your choice. Be alerted when someone is tweeting about a topic of your choice. Listiti checks about your keyword from a Twitter list every hour.

Venture Slogan: Google alerts meets Twitter lists.

Listiti’s own description: “…The idea is pretty straight forward. Instead of being alerted whenever someone tweets something, with Listiti you can be alerted whenever someone belonging to a Twitter List of your choice tweets about something…”

“…Let’s say you want to be alerted whenever one of your local politicians is talking about a defined issue, or whenever an influencer in your industry is talking about your competitor, or whatever… possibilities are endless. At the moment we only offer one mode: “hourly”. It means that every hour, we check if someone in the list has tweeted with your keyword. If so, an email is sent to you, if your keyword(s) didn’t appear in the list timeline, no email alert will be sent…”



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