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Lingt is a service that helps you learn foreign languages. At this moment, the service is only available in Chinese.

Venture Slogan: A new way to learn a language.

LingtĀ“s own description: “…Lingt helps people learn the massive number of vocabulary terms required for basic competency in a foreign language. We think the biggest problem with learning a new language is simply giving up, so we’ve built something that we think makes learning more compelling…”

“…People usually learn languages in a very inefficient way by trying to cram lots of information very quickly. Actually, the best way to learn is to review information just before you forget it…”

“…When you tell Lingt what you want to learn, we build a model of your learning behind the scenes and present information to you just before we think you’re going to forget it. Combine this smart scheduling with an interface in which you can build mastery, earn achievements, and gain levels while studying, and you’ve got a really cool new way to learn a language…”

“…Lingt is currently only available in Mandarin Chinese and is most valuable as a way to build your vocabulary. We’re add new languages and features soon, so be sure to check back often…”


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