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Letmego is a solution to bring the reverse auction transaction method to the lodging industry. With Letmego, travelers would enter the details of their itinerary, and lodgings would bid for their business. It´s a new approach to the travel business.

Venture Slogan: Let lodgings bid for your stay.

Letmego´s own description: ‘…LetMeGo is the most advanced lodging service on the web, built by world-traveling, ninja-grade coders who love great deals and hate hassles. It’s where you’ll find the perfect lodging at the perfect price…”

“…Travelers identify the hotels, B&Bs, rentals, etc. they like. Lodgings bid, and can see each others’ bids. Travelers choose a bid, based on service and price. Lodgings improve occupancy rates and their bottom lines. Everyone is filled with inexpressible joy…”


Venture Link: letmego.com

Source: Pulso Social

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