– Virtual Demos on the Cloud - Virtual Demos on the Cloud - Virtual Demos on the Cloud allows you to create demos stored in the cloud that you can easily share. Deploy either thick or thin client applications that your customers can load, tweak and play with in just a matter of minutes.  We extend the Amazon EC2 cloud to create a: Self-service environment, so that your IT and Sales Engineers can easily create their own demos in the cloud; policy controlled lab, where each virtual machine is issued based on the size, type and lease duration restrictions that you specify; sharable cloud, where you can give your peers, customers and business partners access to cloud demos simply by sending an email.

Web Venture Slogan: Distribute Virtual Demos at the Click of a Button. - Virtual Demos on the Cloud - Virtual Demos on the Cloud

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  1. Rachel says:

    It’s great to market leaders such as Amazon moving toward self-service cloud computing platforms used for virtual demos. I’m curious if you’ve looked at CloudShare, and how you would say they compare? (In particular, we invite you to take a look at CloudShare Pro – – the free platform, multiple OS’s and latest apps, and persistent environments.) We’d love your feedback.

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