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Koda.us is a site to show your professional skills and find new talents to hire. It´s a social network to share your professional profile adding not only your academics, but also your skills, strenghts, personality, life and values. Koda.us define itself as being more professional than Facebook and more personal than LinkedIn.

Venture Slogan:
The opportunity community.

Koda.us´s own description: “…Koda is Social Recruiting – changing the way new talent and smart companies find one another…”

“…Talented individuals are coming onto the employment scene with much more to offer than a diploma and a traditional resume. Likewise, the best organizations want to hire individuals who not only have relevant academics, but also the right skills, strengths, personalities, values and life experiences. So whether you are the talent – or you’re seeking it – KODA is the place for sharing your professional identity and discovering your next opportunity…”

“…The initial release included a platform that allows emerging talent and smart companies to go beyond the resume or traditional job posting. More professional than Facebook but more personal than LinkedIn, KODA showcases talent profiles and employer profiles that allow both sides of the hiring equation to get to know each other…”



Venture link: koda.us

Source: Springwise

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