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Kevutu is an application that helps catalog and organize your wants. It´s a simple tool to keep all your wants organized. Also, you can choose to share your list or not. Kuvutu has different modules and options to catalog your wants.

Venture Slogan: What do you want?

Kevutu´s own description: “…At first, Kevutu was a place where Joey could store and catalog his wants because he kept forgetting about them! So he began developing the website in his spare time adding modules here and there. However, during this time, Joey began wondering if other people would find the website helpful…”

“…Inspiring himself from other social websites on the Web, Joey began building Kevutu so that it could host a large user community. Anyone who joined the website could start cataloging and sharing their wants. However, Joey wanted the website to be faithful to its roots so he structured the way wants would be entered into the website. People who did not wish to share their wants with the community could keep them private. Others could choose to only share them with friends and outgoing types could share their wants with the entire website and obtain feedback…”



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