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Kanakku is a great online application that brings you a ready-to-use spreadsheet to do simple calculations. The most important thing with Kanakku is it simplicity. You only need to enter the site and you are ready to use it.

Venture Slogan: Free Spreadsheet Calculator.

Kanakku’s own description: “…kanakku is a free web 2.0 application that is a combination of a spreadsheet and a calculator. This application is designed to be used on either IE 7+ or Firefox (Safari seems to be compatible, but further testing is ongoing). All operating systems that use these browsers should be able to use this Website…”

“…The application can be used in a variety of ways. Like a spreadsheet, mathematical formulas can be written in each cell. These formulas can be evaluated by pressing the enter key, and the corresponding answer to the formula will be displayed to the user. The type of formulas used by this application can be determined by looking at the function keys on the calculator. As of now, this application can handle arithmetic, trigonometric, and statistical functions. The user can also select multiple cells and select a functional key on the calculator. If the function selected by the user is a unary operator (only one operand or multi selection is needed) then the answer will be automatically displayed. Binary operators require a multi selection to be made, then the desired binary operator should be pressed, and this is followed by making the final multi selection…”



Venture Link: kanakku.com

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