Justshareit.com – Borrow your Neighbor´s Ride

Justshareit.com is the secure person–to–person vehicle sharing marketplace that provides the insurance, technology and platform to help people safely rent their underutilized vehicles and vessels such as cars, boats and more among a trusted community of members.

The average car is idle for 22 hours each day, yet the average cost of ownership and maintenance totals $8,500 per year. By matching people looking to rent vehicles (“Borrowers”) with people who have them to share, Justshareit increases access to vehicles and adventures while generating income for owners (“Sharers”).

Justshareit.com made it convenient simplifing how people share vehicles providing: comprehensive screening, $1 million insurance policy, innovative monitoring technology, 24/7 Customer Service and Roadside Assistance, mobile app so you can share and borrow on the move, secure online marketplace where members can safely share vehicles.

Venture Slogan: Borrow your Neighbor´s Ride

Venture Link: justshareit.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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