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Injoos is a solution aiming at helping you with team management and communication. It’s a SaaS service that gives you document creation and project management. Injoos is a solution to manage projects and teams in a virtual space.

Venture Slogan: Social Workspaces for teams.

Injoos´s own description:
“…Injoos is a online collaboration vendor in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space. Teamware platform enables simple online collaboration for distributed teams by combining traditional realtime collaboration tools with the new generation Business Social tools. Injoos combines the power of Enterprise document and project management tools with the simple and user friendly nature of Social Networking to provide a powerful yet easy to use platform for collaboration…”

“…We make it possible for our clients to quickly setup their Corporate Intranet on the Cloud and use the powerful collaboration tools provided to connect distributed teams…”

“…Injoos provides a flexible and cost-effective alternative to buying and running your own IT infrastructure, while still providing all the security, cost savings, and enterprise-grade performance of a installed software…”


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