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Idntiti is a site that brings you the possibility of rate whatever you want, together with the community. It´s an open social rating tool that lets you develop surveys easily. Build a survey about a company, a university or other things and ask the community what they think. Also, you can view and vote surveys developed by others. You can sign in with different social accounts (Facebook, openID, Aol, etc).

Venture Slogan: Community feedback matters!.

Idntiti’s own description: “…Idntiti is a social rating tool that allows you to add questions and parameters to the questionnaire or feedback form, thus allowing you to get precise and objective feedback from the entire community…”

“…It is open, objective and provides you with deep analysis around rater profile details. With tight integration into popular social networking tools, you can engage your friends in with surveys, polls and get their views easily and objectively about companies, colleges, restaurants etc…”

“…Our aim is to offer users the ability to provide objective feedback, using tools such as 0 -10 scale rating, yes/no, true/false, agree/disagree etc…”



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