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iAhorro is a site that brings you a comparison of Spanish bank services. It´s a comparison site like Froogle but only for financial products. You can search for the product that matches your financial preferences easily. iAhorro only works for the Spanish market.

Venture Slogan: iAhorro.

iAhorro’s own description: “…iahorro.com is a free on-line and independent deposit account comparator…”

“…Choosing the right financial product is an important decision that we face often confusing and can make us lose much time. Iahorro help the user in providing a tool that allows you to compare easily and quickly between the different financial products offered by banks in the Spanish market…”

“…We want our users to gain more for their money by taking the best decision based on your needs and goals by providing all the necessary information to do so…”



Venture link: iahorro.com

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