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Hirewall is a solution that helps you in the process of hiring new employees for your company. The hiring process involves a lot of steps and needs a specific expertise. Hirewall helps you simplify the process and keeps track of your hiring.

Venture Slogan: Get hiring done.

Hirewall´s own description: “…Hirewall is web based hiring software that helps employers run hiring campaigns, get their team involved and make more informed decisions on new hires…”

“…Hiring takes up too much time: Hiring is just extra work on my plate. My plate is already full. I dont get the time to hire! I already work overtime and there is too much organisation and administration involved in hiring for me to be effective. I need to involve my team in hiring: We need to involve the team in hiring to improve the adoption of new employees and the quality of hire. I need to be pro-active: The market may be down, but I know it is cyclical. Building a talent silo of highly qualified candidates will enable me to act as fast as possible when I need them…”



Venture link: hirewall.com

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