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hakiaHakia it’s a semantic search engine focus on quality not popularity.

Venture Slogan: Semantic Web on it’s way”

Their description: “…hakia is a general purpose “semantic” search engine, dedicated to quality search experience. To achieve this goal, our team aspires to establish a new standard of focus, clarity and credibility in Web search…”

“…Today’s search engines bring popular results via statistical ranking methods but a popular Web site may not always be credible, and a credible Web site may not always be popular. As a result, searchers suffer in many ways ranging from wasted search time to using misleading information…”

“…hakia’s provides a new search experience that is focused on quality, not popularity. hakia’s quality search results satisfy three criteria simultaneously: They (1) come from credible Web sites recommended by librarians, (2) represent the most recent information available, and (3) remain absolutely relevant to the query…”

Venture link: www.hakia.com

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