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Gympro is an app to deal with your clients in an easy way. It’s a solution for professionals that need to keep track of interactions with their clients.

Venture Slogan: Gympro.

Gympro´s own description: “…Gympro allows you to be more organised with your client data and spend less time doing tedious tasks. Things such as calculating, graphing results and emailing clients are all automated so that you can do it more efficiently. All your client data is securely backed up daily by us, so that you will never loose any precious information…”

“…Gympro is the smarter, easier and more professional way for personal trainers. Simple client management, powerful reporting to manage their clients.

Gympro has been built and designed especially for personal trainers to manage their clients easily, from anywhere and at any time. We have kept it simple and used only those features you will actually need to use….”


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