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Gliider is a FireFox plugin that helps you bookmark all of the interesting stuff that you see when your are planning the trip. You need to download and install the plugin in your browser and sign in a Gliinder, then when your are searching the internet and browsing to plan your next trip just highlight whatever you want and drag it into Gliinder. Build in Gliider your trip plans. Also, Gliinder brings you deals related to what you are interested in.

Venture Slogan: Plan funner trips.

Gliider´s own description: “…Gliider is a digital file that lets you hold on to all of the interesting stuff you come across when you’re researching and planning a trip. Find a cool hotel you don’t want to forget about? See a great restaurant you want to try? No matter what website you’re on, just highlight whatever you want with your mouse and drag it into your gliider. Photos, text, whatever!…”

“…Gliider will then bring you deals related to what you’re interested in. No spam, no overload. Only the good stuff and just the right amount of it. We created gliider because we think the fun of travel begins the moment you decide to go. If you’re like us, you’ve got a few weeks of vacation each year and you want to make the most of your travels. You spend lots of time researching the right hotels, cheap flights, best restaurants and coolest things to do. And you need a simple tool to keep and keep fresh all of the great information you discover. Because knowing where to stay, eat, and visit-and saving some money along the way-makes all the difference between trips that are the same and trips that are funner…”



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