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Geoviu is a web site that shows you different kind of information in a map. With Geoviu you can see news with the specific location for a better undestanding. You can search for keywords and locations focusing your information search. Also, you can specify the information category feature to help you narrow the content you want to see.

Venture Slogan: Information & News on map.

Geoviu’s own description: “…We provide an intuitive platform to view all sorts of information on a map. Let’s take the example of news articles: with Geoviu, you can see the main events of the day on our world map… and if you want to get a more local vision, just zoom in on the map, and the news markers will switch from global to local events…”

“…The problem with online maps is that it’s not always easy to tell information apart at first glance. With Geoviu, information is categorized in broad themes and each theme has its own icon. That’s why you’ll find your experience of Geoviu visually stunning and easy to understand right from the start…”

“…Geoviu is updated every day. However, on our main map, we retain news events that occured during the week. This allows you to check passed events that might still be news headlines in many popular newspapers. You can also go back to a summary of the news during an entire month thanks to our «Monthly Report» widget…”



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