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Friendsell is a social marketplace to buy and sell your stuff to your friends. Keep control of who can buy your products just allowing your friends to buy it. Friendsell is an application that helps you sell your products to trusted people.

Venture Slogan: Friendsell.

Friendsell´s own description: “… is a completely new way to think about selling your stuff. Don’t use classified ads, use social buying/selling. You are in control of who sees your stuff. You can also decide whose stuff you want to see…”

“…We are the only website with an easy way for friends and family buy your stuff. Why does this matter? It’s better to buy and sell from friends and family than from strangers. Trust preceded the transactions! You trust each other to be honest and fair (hard to come by with complete strangers), and you both walk away feeling good about the exchange…”

“…We also offer the ability to make your listings public, so if your friends or family aren’t interested (or you’re just starting out and don’t have lots of friends yet), you can increase your exposure. We make it easy to switch between public, friends, and family, or any combination of these. Additional levels of sharing (e.g., groups) are in the pipeline…”



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