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FileSocial is an application site that brings you the possibility to share files in Twitter. Sign in with your Twitter account and you will be able to share different kinds of files (mp3, jpg, avi, doc, ppt, zip, bin). FileSocial is easy to use and it’s free.

Venture Slogan: Tweet your files.

FileSocial’s own description: “…FileSocial is the easiest way to share files on Twitter. You can upload any kind of file, from pictures to videos,PDFs or Power point… Whatever you want! Share your files on Twitter easily, securely and completely free…”

“…With FileSocial, you can upload and share all types of files (images, music, compressed files…) through your Twitter account. The comments you send or receive through FileSocial will automatically appear as @reply in Twitter. Simply attach your file, write something and a link will be posted to your file. In a few seconds. Images, songs, videos, compressed files… Upload and share whatever you like!. We use oAuth so you don’t have to key in your username or password. Your information is safe!…”



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