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FeedMingle is an application that merges different rss or atom feeds and creates only one. It´s a simple app that simplifies the work involved to create only one feed. Also, FeedMingle converts the merged feed in an html widget that you can paste into your site.

Venture Slogan: FeedMingle.

FeedMingle’s own description:
“…FeedMingle makes lives simpler for web designers/developers, feed readers, bloggers, or just anyone who wants to merge two or more rss / atom feeds into one. It mixes all the feeds provided and creates one RSS feed, Atom feed, JSON feed, and a html widget to simply paste into your website or blog…”

“…Think for all the possible usage. Gosh! apart from a feed mixer/merger it can be used as a RSS/Atom to JSON converter, RSS/Atom to widget generator, RSS to Atom or Atom to RSS Converter. More? mix two or more twitter posts, blog posts or any feeds and publish the mixed posts to another twitter account(Create combined feed through us and then use some tool like RSStoTwitter or TwitterFeed). Think for more usage and suggest ideas through “feedback” button on the extreme right of this (or any) page…”



Venture Link: feedmingle.com

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