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eZanga is a meta search engine that aggregates results from different web search systems. They reorder the results showing them without duplication. They work with their licensed technology. Also, eZanga provides advertising solutions: eZanga PPC, eZanga SEM, eZanga Contextual, eZanga Publisher, eZanga Display and eZanga CPV. It´s has an interesting feature: you can consult with the community on a specific topic.

Venture Slogan: Hop on and go!.

eZanga’s own description: “…Our innovative and proprietary technologies push the limit of Meta search technology by retrieving search results from multiple search engines, we then re-rank and display the most relevant results without duplication. We also provide online advertisers with local, regional, and national advertising focused on generating high Return on Investment (ROI)…”

“…eZanga is also the birth place of Traffic Advisors™, our own proprietary anti-click fraud technology. Traffic Advisor’s finger printing technology is one of the most advanced systems to detect and deter click fraud in online advertising. It enables us to “cherry pick” the good traffic in a real-time fashion, while the bad traffic simply gets rejected…”

“…eZanga.com was founded in 2003 by husband and wife team Beth and Rich Kahn and is currently led by search engine veterans Richard Kahn and Angel Pabon as an effort to help people find information on the web faster and easier…”



Venture link: ezanga.com
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