European Food Map & Marketplace

european food marketplace

european food map & marketplace

GourmetOrigins is an online marketplace and social guide that helps you find and purchase Europe’s best quality foods. With this website you can discover and explore thousands of unique foods, keep an online”foodie diary”, share it with your friends and, soon, order foods from independent producers.

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GourmetOrigins’s own description: “… aims to bring you Europe’s best quality foods. There is an amazing diversity of authentic high quality foods in Europe but most of them are little known or not available through the main retail channels…”

“…With map-based interface you can easily find thousands of regional specialities, find out who the producers are and where are they located, learn the story of each product, order them and plan gastronomic activities. You can also create and update your own foodie diary with its your own personal foods map, so that you can keep track of your favourite foods and producers, rate, comment and share…”
“… food guide has been released in beta and the marketplace of independent producers will soon be up and running, so that you can get the most unique foods of Europe delivered directly to your home…”

european food marketplace

european food map & marketplace

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