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Enjin is a content managemet system to develop a gamers clan empowered with social networking tools. You can develop and customize your personal game site managing different themes and modules. With Enjin you can build forums, add profile widgets and manage social networking features.

Venture Slogan: Create and join social gaming networks.

Enjin’s own description: “…Enjin is a free, fully hosted service for all gamers, clans, guilds and communities to create and manage a web site…”

“…Enjin is a fast growing web platform and social network with thousands of gamers, teams, clan websites and guild hosting.On Enjin you can create a free website and customize with themes, modules, forums, profile widgets and social networking features…”

“…We offer a powerful online Content Management System, stunning gaming user profiles, and fun social tools.Enjin is perfect for anyone wanting to create a clan, guild or community, establish a unique identity online, discuss in-game strategies, discover new games, participate in tournaments and competitions, form alliances, and find others to play with.Our Content Management System or “Site Creator” is very simple to use yet feature rich, powerful and technologically advanced! Most of our users have a full running community within a few days and love the ease of updating…”



Venture link: enjin.com

Source: MoMB

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