Ebusinesscard – Your business card in everything


Ebusinesscard is a simple solution to attach your business card to your e-mails and also to word documents. You can add photos and profile links to your card.

Venture Slogan: Brings your email to life.

Ebusinesscard’s description: “…Say good-bye to lifeless, dull email! With eBusinessCard you can add your company business card (as an email signature) to all your email, and to your WORD documents as well . Let your personality shine through while establishing trust and credibility in all your Internet business communications!…”

“…Let your business contacts and customers get to know you a little better — add your photo and/or profile links to your card. Stand out as a real person while your competitors fade from memory in your potential customers’ minds. Provide complete contact info in a discreet, businesslike manner…”



Venture Link: ebusinesscard.net

Source: Mostbuilt

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