Dlvr.it – Publish Your Content Anywhere


Dlvr.it is a service that gives you the possibility of publishing your content directly to the social networks. You need to set up your sites and your social networks to sinc them. Publish your content directly to social networks easily.

Venture Slogan: You publish. We deliver.

Dlvr.it´s own description: “…Deliver your content to the social web. Distribute. Effortlessly post content to your social networks. Fast, easy set up and management of multiple content sources and outputs…”

“…Measure audience engagement and reach across your social networks. Quantify the impact of retweets and mentions on your audience size. Grow. Promote audience participation and growth with real-time (PuSH) updates, search friendly posts, and content targeting to specific social nets…”


Venture Link: dlvr.it

Source: Go2web20

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2 thoughts on “Dlvr.it – Publish Your Content Anywhere

  1. resume writing jobs says:

    I always use your services and will continue to do so and ONLY with you, because you all are honest and do exactly what you promise.

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