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divine project

divine project

Divineproject is a great solution to develop wordpress templates from photoshop archives easily. With Divine Project, you can forget about too much coding, just select a photoshop file and start to create your own personal wordpress theme. Great and simple!.

Venture Slogan: Divine.

Divineproject’s own description: “…How did the idea come to us? Well, we were just getting too much bored by the routinous HTML coding, as this process quickly and utterly destroys the inspiration and pleasure of truly artistic creation. Well, if you remember that frustration about having to code HTML+CSS (and validate it in all browsers!) after the final brushstrokes are laid onto your beautiful design, you’ll understand…”

“…So what? Divine was created by designers for brother (and sisters :) ) designers, because we were so bold to claim we don’t need programmers and HTML coders any more! There are automatic translators from English into French, right? Why can’t there be software that translates the artistic language of effects, brushes and filters into HTML code? So we forgot the word “impossible” and started exploring…”

divine project

divine project

Venture Link: divine-project.com

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