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Dealtattle is a site that provides coupons and discounts from different shops and merchants. You can share and tweet deals to connect merchants and customers.

Venture Slogan: When it comes to deals, its pays to tell.

Dealtattle´s own description:
“… provides coupon codes and discounts for millions of ready-to-buy deal-minded shoppers. Coupon, promo and deal codes can be can be added, tweeted and shared connecting consumers and merchants in real-time each and every day…”

“…Everyone can: Tweet and share new coupons and deals with like-minded shoppers, Compare and rate merchant’s offers, Build your lists of coupons and special deals and share with others, Communicate with like-minded friends in our social network…”

“…In addition, DealTattle is for merchants as well as consumers!. We encourage merchants to share their coupons and deals with our community. There is no cost to merchants to list their money saving opportunities. Our community will share them, and, DealTattle will review them and highlight them. So, whether you are a large or small company we welcome you. We try and take the guess work out of finding money saving ideas. We know how hard it is to work and afford things in this economy. In fact, DealTattle began its life out of our own frustration with finding “working” coupons and deals. We hand pick deals to provide you; and, the chances are quite high we are using these deals ourselves…”


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