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Customadart is a site which connects photographers and advertisers. It´s a marketplace for artists and agencies with the benefit of interaction. Customadart developed a forum to facilitate interaction and communication, with it the agencies contact the photographer directly and can ask for a specific design for their next ad. Customadart believes that the stock photography industry has been pulled down and they aim at building it up again.

Venture Slogan: The Custom image resource.

CustomAdArt’s own description: “…The goal of this site is to connect artists and advertisers for the mutual benefit of both. The stock photography industry is broken. Photographers shoot and upload images in hopes that they will be noticed. Advertisers then scour these sites, hoping to find a match for their ads, oftentimes having to alter headlines and copy for lack of a proper image…”

“…This site is intended to turn the industry around and benefit everyone involved in the process. Advertisers no longer need to waste time and exorbitant amounts of money to get the perfect image for their campaigns. Photographers are no longer blindly shooting and hoping that someone might be interested in their particular image…”

“…By providing a forum of direct communication it is possible for advertisers to get the best possible images to fit their needs, while opening up jobs to photographers that previously would have been impossible for them to find…”



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