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CultureLabel is a marketplace for artist and limited edition products from galleries and museums. It shows and curates art designed products to shop. CultureLabel brings you the possibility to shop art products with integrity, authenticity and inherent design quality.

Venture Slogan: Shop culture from leading global museums.

CultureLabel’s own description: “… is the first online platform to curate and showcase the best artist-designed and limited-edition products from over 60 leading galleries, museums, artists and culture institutions…”

“…offers you an edit of the finest culture products in one easy-to-shop boutique destination, satisfying your cravings for products with integrity, authenticity and inherent design quality. Your journey might start with the shop but we want you to finish in the gallery or museum…”

“…We’ve been working in close partnership with leading culture institutions, as well as government agencies like Arts Council England, the MLA Council and Creative & Cultural Skills, to explore the space where culture and consumer culture meets…”



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