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Couponmom is a directory of deals and discount coupons. You can find great deals for your state or store each week. It’s an interesting platform to save money.

Venture Slogan: The easiest way to save.

Couponmom’s own description: “…Review the Grocery Deals list for your state or store each week. Even if you do not have the coupons from prior weeks, it will give you an idea of the kinds of deals you can expect in future weeks as your coupon supply grows. Buy the Sunday newspaper each week (an annual subscription makes financial sense) and save each week’s entire circular, writing the date on the front…”

“…Keep the circulars in some sort of filing system (lying flat in a box in order of date or hanging in files) and cut out the coupons you need when you make your weekly shopping list with the Grocery Deals list for your state. You can also cut out the coupons you know you’ll use each week and file them in a small coupon organizer for convenience.  Be sure the save the rest of the circular, because in future weeks many items will go on sale that can be free (or almost free) when you use the coupon.  If you don’t use that item, you can donate it to charity and help feed the hungry at virtually no cost…”

“…If your store is not listed, or if your state does not have a Grocery Deals list yet, you can use its Grocery Coupon Organizer to create your own Grocery Deals list for any store.

Even if you do not use grocery coupons, you can save dramatically on your groceries by using our lists as a planning tool to find sale items and loss leaders (products sold below cost to attract shoppers)…”



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