– Search Twitter Conversations Between Two Tweeps is a twitter app that lets you search conversations between two handles in a threaded, simplified manner. It also lets you re track existing conversations, view conversations later, view trending conversations. in a nutshell, a conversation finder. But in truth, its much more that that! Digging through the conversations between two people on twitter has always been a task requiring moving back and forth between pages involving many clicks. It was because of this reason development started on Conweets, a site with an elegant, easy to use interface, providing conversations taking place on twitter.

Behind the scenes is an exceptional caching engine which in addition to making the experience seem more seemless, increases speeds manifold. Previously queried tweets by users are not requested again but are rather dug up from our own servers and presented to you hardly in matter of seconds.

Whats more is that the entire conversation page includes social sharing options. Now, users can spread the word about a particular convesation simply by sharing the page link. Your friends can view this link directly without having to authorize with twitter!

Venture Slogan: Search Twitter Conversations Between Two Tweeps

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