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Comotivate is a social network that provides you web tools to achieve whatever you want with the commnunity. You want to achieve something and you are looking for a partner, just build your profile and find your buddy. Comotivate helps you with your project with features like: tracking progress tools, video sharing, image sharing and private personal homepage among others.

Venture Slogan: Achive your goal with your perfect buddy.

Comotivate´s own description: “…Somewhere in the world, there’s someone just like you and they’re trying to better themselves or their environment, just like you. They’re your ‘perfect buddy’ and you might just find them here.It just feels better when goals are reached together…”

“…Whether they’re referred to as ‘goals’ or not, when we achieve things in life that we consider important, it sure feels great. But reaching a goal with someone else and having a hand in their achievement feels even better. Comotivate allows everyone to enjoy the feeling of collaborative achievement. Social networking made more useful…”

“…Comotivate allows you to: Use a range of tools on the site to track the progress of your goal, share video, images and encouragement to help each other along the way. Be selective over who you buddy with, how you’re matched and how long your goal runs. Complete your goal and celebrate your success with a certificate of achievement. Build a private home page of personal information relating to the goals you’ve met….”



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