BurneyCards – Personalized message on CD



BurneyCards is a service through which you can burn a CD with a custom message. If you want to be creative with your message, BurneyCards service is a possibiliy. Choose a tune, pic and video to mix to create a unique message. Burn your mix into a CD and it´s ready to be sent.

Venture Slogan: Burneycards.

BurneyCards’s own description: “…The Burney Card is unique because you can personalize your message by just choosing your favourite music, pic’s or video and burn it on the designed recordable CD included…”

“…In our dazzling new collection available – designed by the leading and most talented artists in The Netherlands and Europe at this moment – we are confident you will find a Burney Card to have, to give or to send!…”



Venture link: burneycards.com

Source: Springwise

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