BubbleIdeas – Let´s Share Ideas

let's share ideas

let's share ideas

BubbleIdeas is a solution for people who want to listen to new ideas and feedback. With BubbleIdeas you can create a forum which can sort ideas based on votes from de community and users.

Venture Slogan: Start Listening Online in 5 Minutes.

BubbleIdeas’s own description: “…BubbleIdeas lets you set up an ideation forum for people instantly; a forum which can automatically sort ideas based on votes and opinions given by users. It can populate trends & priorities to understand and respond according to the common needs of people (for e.g. community of customers discussing a product?)…”

“…BubbleIdeas helps you take informed decisions. Decisions that are supported by a vast majority of people. Socially vetted ideas not only help you adapt according to the changing needs of society or market but also lend you a competitive advantage over others to make that last crucial effort in reaching out to your people. BubbleIdeas works on the principle of sorting of ideas based on social popularity. Popularity is a very fluid concept. Any media guy would understand the rhyme – any publicity is good publicity. BubbleIdeas adopts the concept quite intelligently, and complex-ifies the popularity process that helps one control rigging & short-circuits. It sorts ideas based on social popularity (considering net votes in both directions – positive or negative) and brings equal ideas to the top. It gives the good & the bad ideas equal weight…”

let's share ideas

let's share ideas

Venture Link: bubbleideas.com


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