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Bluewalks is a collaborative walking tour site. Think of Bluewalks as a social network for walking tours around the world. Share your interests and build a perfect walking tour with others. Prepare your tours and find the community preferences  for your next trip.

Venture Slogan: Walk your way.

Bluewalks’s own description: “…bluewalks is a collaborative platform to find, create and share walking tours. Anyone can create a route and anyone can update the information of any route, just like Wikipedia. Think of it as Google Maps + Wikipedia for walking tours…”

“…Currently there are 624 users registered and 702 routes created…”

“…bluewalks API provides a simple API to be able to build services using the bluewalks routes.In this version the service will be limited to offer functionalities for getting information about the routes. This means that, at the moment, it will be possible to edit or create new routes through this API…”



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