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Bizmore is a communtiy that helps small companies with a question and answer platform. It´s a site where you can find professional advisors on different topics. If you have a question about business strategies, HR, Finance, Sales, Operations or Marketing you only need to post it and wait for the answer.

Venture Slogan: Advice for business.

Bizmore´s own description: “…Bizmore is an online business advice community that helps people build their businesses and succeed in their careers. Whether you work at a startup, a small business or a large corporation, you can quickly find practical answers to your business questions from peers and industry experts…”

“…Bizmore is a new ‘go-to’ source for business advice, dedicated to providing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) the experience, expertise and explanations they need to succeed in the new economy. Bizmore provides SMB leaders and managers original content and insights from industry experts, an integrated question and answer platform, and a set of community features that allow peers to share knowledge, answer questions, and discuss important business issues…”



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