Beezang – Manage your shared expenses


Beezang is a simple web application to help people manage and keep track of bills they split with friends, roommates and office colleagues. Manage your shared expenses.

Venture Slogan: Simplify managing your shared expenses.

Beezang’s own description: “…Beezang is a free, simple to use application that helps you manage and keep track of expenses you share with friends, colleagues and roommates. If you are a student or a young working professional, its very likely in your daily life you find yourself splitting bills with other folks, paying bills for someone else or vice versa. You can report all these transactions on Beezang in matter of seconds and start tracking your money…”

“…In our daily lives we come across instances when we need to split bills with others. If you are sharing an apartment with other folks, you will be splitting the rent, water bill, groceries etc. You are planning a road trip with a group of your friends, you will be splitting bills for food, gasoline etc. More often than not you or one of your friend will pay the bill with the understanding that you guys will settle up later. It becomes tedious to keep track of such bills on a notebook or excel file. This is where Beezang can help you out. Its a very simple web application, entering bills is very easy and you know where your money is…”


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