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Beer Universe is a site devoted only to beers. It´s a web platform that you can find news and information about the beer world. Beer Universe is also a social network in which you can interact and share beer reviews. Finally, Beer Universe has a shopping space where you can browse numerous online stores for beer/alcohol products and accessories.

Venture slogan: Your choise. Your beer. Drink up.

Beer Universe´s own description: “…Our team of entrepreneurs recognized the strong growth in the craft beer industry, embraced this trend, and sought to offer beer drinkers, brewers and vendors a seamlessly integrated platform to connect and interact. We want to introduce our users to a wider universe of beer and the brewers, and products. Through our constructive forum, we’ve been able to connect individuals from around the globe to come together and discuss beer…”

“…a site which would offer users a superior venue for beer reviews with a positive environment for feedback, interaction, and opinions. In addition to reviews, provides users with a unique shopping experience where they are able to simultaneously browse numerous online stores for beer/alcohol products and accessories and make a single purchase which fills all of their needs…”

“…Beer Universe prides itself in its ability to provide users with a fully integrated portal which offers users an unparalleled experience for beer reviews and online shopping…”



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