BankSimple – A New Kind of Bank

a new kind of bank

a new kind of bank

BankSimple is a new kind of bank. They say that BankSimple is easy and intuitive. It´s for people who love and understand simple online services. BankSimple is a bank with no hidden fees and individual services.

Venture Slogan: A simpler bank that is easy to use.

BankSimple’s own description: “…A bank that treats you with respect. No extraneous features. No hidden fees…”

“…BankSimple is an easy, intuitive, and social bank for people who appreciate simple online services. Unlike other banks, we don’t trap you with confusing products nor do we charge any hidden fees. No overdraft fees. We use sophisticated analytics to help you better manage your finances by providing you a individualized service, catered to your needs and goals. One simple card. We give you access to an ever growing list of financial products from one simple card. Using sophisticated technology we take all of the hassle out of managing your finances. No more getting caught up by overdraft fees or late payment fees…”

a new kind of bank

a new kind of bank

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