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Appsfire is a solution to sharing your selection of iPhone apps. You need to download a Mac application and it will search iPhone apps for you. Then Appsfire create your personal apps page. Appsfire also ranks and shows statistics about all the applications saved.

Venture Slogan: Easily share your favorite selection of iPhone apps with anyone.

Appsfire´s own description: “…AppsFire allows you to share with your friends your lists of favorite iPhone Apps. All you have to do is download and install AppsFire app on your Mac (PC coming soon), let is scan your Apps on iTunes. Then it will point you to your private AppsFire page where you can decide which app you will share and actually share them the way you decide (email, social networks or widget)…”

“…You are in control of what is shared or not. The selection is explicit, and anonymous. You may then share that selection as you wish. The selection itself is just a link…”

“..The first time you install AppsFire, you need to give it a few seconds to list and populate all your apps in your private page. If you own an iPhone in jailbreak mode, we can’t list your applications…”



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