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Adflyer is a new site that offers a free ad marketplace but also gives you the quality of content as a shopping site. It´s a service easy to use targeted on local markets. It´s an interesting idea to give to free marketplace sites a new approach.

Venture Slogan: The smarter online marketplace.

Adflyer´s own description: “…Just what the world has been waiting for…..yet another classified ads website…”

“…As you may have guessed, we already know that there are a number of classified sites out there, but the more we researched the market, the more we realised that there was a big gap for a site which combined the best of classified ads with all the good points of shopping website. A gap which we intend to fill with the smarter online marketplace…”

“…We’re incredibly easy to use: Our classified ads – targeted at their local markets – feature the same depth and quality of content as a shopping website. With 3,000 product categories split down into lots of helpful sub-groups, it really is simplicity itself…”

“…We’re really easy to find: turns up at the top of most search engine rankings making us the first port of call for many buyers. Which means your items don’t hang around for long…”


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