2tangos.com – Trade your Knowledge

2Tangos.com is a service that brings users together to teach each other new skills, and trade their knowledge with someone in their city. Users enter up to three things they are interested in learning and something they’d be willing to teach someone in their city. They connect using either one or more of their social networks and submit.

Once a match is found both users are sent a notification directing them to an introduction page, letting them contact each other online, and if they like, arrange a meet up.

2Tangos.com was a created based on an existing study principle, called Tandem, found in universities around the world. This is brought online in a simple website allowing people to connect using their existing online identities. We are matching their skills and allow them contact each other to arrange a meetup, if they like.

2Tangos.com, was built as a side project by a group of young web professionals from Tel Aviv, Vienna, and Dublin, using Skype and Hangouts to communicate. We are currently trying to spark enough interest to bring more people together, have them tell our story, and provide us with valuable feedback.

Venture Slogan: Trade your Knowledge.

Venture Link: 2tangos.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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