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Orggit – Your vital information in one place


Orggit is a solution aiming at helping you store all your important infomation. It´s a solution to store, organize and maintain accessible your information anywhere and anytime. Keep your everyday numbers and passwords accesible.

Venture Slogan: Anytime Access to your everyday information.

Orggit’s own description: “…From vital health information to everyday numbers and passwords, Orggit is instant access to your life’s most important information, all securely stored in one convenient place…”

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12sprints – SAP Collaborative decision making tool


12sprints is a new project sponsored by SAP. With 12springs you have a hosted collaborative decision making web tool. It´s an enterprise solution that helps internal teams to communicate and collaborate in a project.

Venture Slogan: Discus. Decide. Done.

12sprints’s own description:
“…It’s not just a place where things get discussed. It’s where things get done…”

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