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100kgarages is a site aiming at integrating ideas and solutions developed by innovators with the “makers”, those that can bring the idea into reality. It´s a social network and marketplace to connect your needs with those that can satisfy them. It´s a fantastic idea to create a social network of small makers and producers.

Venture Slogan: Want to Get Something Made?

100kgarages’s own description: “…Many of us pondered what WE might do in one of those 100,000 garages, recognizing that the answer for many of today’s current challenges can be found distributed in our own innovation, creativity, and

productivity. The idea, then, is to bring together those who need to get things made – be it the innovators, the designers, or just regular folks looking for new solutions or new stuff – with “Makers” who have the technology tools for production…”

“…Although traditional manufacturing … large factories and corporations … sometimes seem like the most practical and efficient way to produce things, the “digital revolution” has opened our eyes to all kinds of new ways of doing things. The internet lets us reach almost anyone, especially if we have something of interest to offer. New digital fabrication tools allow us to efficiently make things that would have just a few years ago been at best difficult, and most likely impossible, using traditional tools and methods…”



Venture Link: 100kgarages.com

Source: Springwise

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